Information Sessions Help Your Business Grow

04.Info Session Photo BGB 150917DEGC will host its next Business Growth Information Session Wednesday, September 23, from 4 – 8 p.m. at TechTown. The topic will be staffing and workforce needs of small businesses. Information Sessions are part of DEGC’s ongoing commitment to connect every business that applied for NEIdeas to the services they need for growth.

The most recent session was held July 21 at Focus: HOPE and focused on sales and marketing, the most commonly expressed need among $10k applicants and a top-five need among $100k applicants.

Hajj Fleming, digital brand specialist and founder of Brand Camp University addressed the branding needs of small businesses. His top tip for entrepreneurs: “Secure your consistent personal brand accounts by searching relevant social media channels (; and identify your personal name or business names. Secure your digital identity today.”

Sal Bono, founder of Canfield Creative Studio and a facilitator for Build Institute, spoke about social media challenges and opportunities. He offered three social media tips for entrepreneurs:

  • Be a part of the community. People are on Facebook because they want to create or interact with their existing community. They do not want you to advertise to them. Your content should reflect your customers’ community.
  • Become an “infotainer.” People are on Twitter because they want information. The art is in the way you relay information; don’t share it, “deejay” it. Your goal is to creatively and authentically share in ways that no one else is doing. Don’t fear the flair.
  • Artistry is key. Instagram is all about GOOD pictures. Be bold, be stylish and share! Add to your photos by overlaying your logo or other text to make your business stand out in the crowd.


If you missed out on the July event, stay tuned for exciting opportunities to engage with both Fleming and Bono and ask questions.

For more information about the September 23 session, call 844-NEI-DEAS.