Accounting Aid Society

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Address: 7700 2nd Ave., Ste. #314 Detroit, MI 48202 Description: One-on-one coaching and technical assistance customized for small business record keeping needs to become capital-ready, and grow

TechTown Detroit

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Address: 440 Burroughs St. Detroit, MI 48202 Description: Helps both tech and neighborhood businesses develop, launch and grow through one-on-one support, workshops and events, and connections to an extensive service provider network.  Programs include: DTX Launch Detroit, Junction440 co-working, Retail Boot Camp, SWOT City and TechTown Business Incubation Center.

Techstars Mobility

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Address: 2000 Brush St., Ste. #201 Detroit, MI 48226 Description: A global business accelerator community that focuses on growing mobility and transportation companies in Detroit.

TechShop Detroit

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Address: 800 Republic Dr. Allen Park, MI 48101 Description: Membership-based workshop and prototyping studio providing access to tools, equipment, design software, fabrication/prototyping space, and skill-based instruction.

Sidewalk Ventures

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Description: Works with local entrepreneurs to raise growth capital from community-based investors.

ProsperUS Detroit

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Address: 2835 Bagley Ave., Ste. #800 Detroit MI, 48216 Description: Provides training, support, and loans for entrepreneurs, businesses, and community-based organizations in distressed Detroit neighborhoods.


August 4, 2016 11:36 am Published by Comments Off on Ponyride

Address: 1401 Vermont St. Detroit, MI 48216 Description: Provides workshops and lectures, low-rent work, studio, and pop up space, and shared resources for socially conscious entrepreneurs and artists.


August 4, 2016 11:35 am Published by Comments Off on Patronicity

Address: 4444 2nd Ave. Detroit, MI 48202 Description: Civic crowdfunding platform that democratizes capital for community development through crowdfunding and crowdgranting.


August 4, 2016 11:30 am Published by Comments Off on OMNICORPDETROIT

Address: 1501 Division St. Detroit, MI 48207 Description: Member-based hacker space with welding and carpentry equipment, and audio and photography studios.

Motor City Match

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Address: 500 Griswold St., Ste. #2200 Detroit, MI 48226 Description: Quarterly competition that pairs entrepreneurs with space, grants, and pre-development assistance to grow their business in Detroit.